Broadband Gap Analysis

Our clients journey toward closing the digital divide requires analyzing the most accurate data possible. At Mission Broadband we play a major role in assisting our clients with achieving that goal. Our Broadband Gap Analysis service is a methodology that uses the data gathered during a Location Verification engagement. Using this data, we determine the broadband technologies available and the percentage of served, underserved and unserved locations in any designated, geographical area. This provides the information necessary to perform the following functions:
  • Identify, analyze and report on all served, underserved and unserved areas within our clients geographic area. This is displayed visually for our clients via locations, represented by dots, overlaid on satellite base map images. Each colored dot represents a served, underserved or unserved location. In addition to the maps we will provide written description of those underserved and unserved areas that require additional analysis.  
  • Identify, analyze and report on existing technology / Internet Service Providers (ISPs) available in the area as well as the data speeds they claim to offer. These would include fiber, copper, wireless and satellite ISPs.
  • Identify, analyze and report on solution options both from a technology and ISP standpoint.
We place this information into a comprehensive report that is provided to the client. We step through each variable of the report in detail to ensure satisfactory comprehension by our clients.
Benefits of our approach:
  • Precision and Accuracy: Our process uses currently available FCC mapping data as a starting point, layering on additional mapping data to ensure all locations are accounted for, even those that may not be included in the current version of available FCC fabric data.
  • Clarity: Our Gap Analysis report and documentation provides a clear graphical view of the area or region being analyzed, highlighting each BSL in a color-coded fashion for easy identification and grouping.
  • Technology Options: Our team has decades of industry experience deploying and managing broadband services. We analyze existing copper, fiber and Fixed Wireless technologies in the service area to understand if and how the related infrastructure assets might be leveraged for expansion of services.
Mission Broadband is your trusted partner for broadband gap analysis services to help you secure the funding you need to achieve your broadband goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific project requirements.
*The FCC defines served as a location that has access to broadband service that meets or exceeds the minimum broadband speed threshold of 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload (100/20). Underserved is defined as a location where broadband service is available but does not meet the FCC’s minimum speed requirement of 100/20 but is greater than 25/3. Unserved is defined as any location of speeds less than 25/3. These areas typically have limited or no access to wired broadband infrastructure and may rely on slower technologies like dial-up or satellite or have no access at all.

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