Low-Level Network Design

​Mission Broadband understands the criticality of meticulous Low-Level Design (LLD) for successful network construction. We partner with our trusted partner, MOUNTAIN LTD., to ensure a comprehensive and robust LLD process.
Our LLD Services:
  • Meticulous Infrastructure Planning: We meticulously design the physical layout of fiber optic cables, equipment, and support structures, considering factors like network capacity, load, slack management, route diversity, and environmental resilience.
  • Efficient Network Configuration: We identify optimal routes and pathways for fiber deployment, select suitable enclosures for network components, and design effective support structures like poles or underground conduits, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.
  • Detailed Installation & Maintenance Procedures: We establish clear and comprehensive installation and maintenance procedures for outside plant equipment, ensuring reliable and efficient network operation.
  • Collaboration through Joint Ride-outs: We facilitate joint field assessments with pole owners, determining make-ready requirements and potential pole replacements for network construction.
Benefits of our Approach:
  • Robust and Efficient Network Design: Our LLD process ensures a well-planned and efficient network infrastructure, minimizing construction complexities and future maintenance needs.
  • Reduced Construction RisksThorough LLD mitigates potential risks during construction, ensuring smoother project execution and reduced costs.
  • Reliable Network OperationEstablished installation and maintenance procedures guarantee reliable network function and optimize service delivery.
Mission Broadband, in partnership with MOUNTAIN LTD., provides a comprehensive LLD approach that lays the foundation for successful broadband network construction and long-term performance.

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