Digital Equity

Mission Broadband possesses a deep understanding of the critical need for digital equity and the specific requirements of the BEAD Program. We maintain a proven track record of successfully conducting comprehensive Digital Equity Assessments for clients across diverse sectors.
Our team brings expertise in the following core areas:
Data-Driven Needs Assessment:
We use meticulous methodologies combining quantitative and qualitative data. Our approach incorporates robust demographic analysis, geospatial mapping of broadband availability and gaps, stakeholder surveys, focus groups, and in-depth community interviews to fully identify barriers to digital access, adoption, and utilization.
Inclusion and Equity Focus:
Our assessments prioritize the perspectives of underserved and marginalized communities. We are adept at creating culturally sensitive engagement strategies that encourage participation. Importantly, we focus on identifying systemic barriers to digital equity, including affordability, digital literacy, device access, and relevant content and support.
Actionable Recommendations:
We go beyond identifying problems; we offer clear, actionable recommendations specifically tailored to meet BEAD program objectives. These recommendations address infrastructure needs, digital skills training programs, sustainable funding models, and community-driven partnerships.
Stakeholder Collaboration:
We believe in a collaborative approach. Throughout the assessment process, we facilitate strong communication and cooperation between government stakeholders, community organizations, service providers, and other key players to ensure alignment and buy-in for long-term success.
Mission Broadband is committed to:
  • Thorough, insightful assessments that exceed BEAD expectations.
  • Equitable outcomes that make a real difference in communities.
  • Empowering communities to overcome the digital divide.
Example Success Stories
To give a sense of how this translates into reality, here are brief summaries of how Mission Broadband has helped other clients:
COOS County, NH: Conducted a detailed assessment across a rural region, pinpointing gaps in broadband access and revealing disparities in device ownership among minority populations. Recommendations were instrumental in creating comprehensive maps and gap analysis reports.
Aroostook County, ME: Conducted a survey and gap analysis to collect and report on the various key demographics for a large county in Northern Maine. This enabled us to create a detailed report highlighting gaps in internet service, barriers to higher speed plans, telecommuting use, educational use, telemedicine use, remote worker, shopping, entertainment, research, plan costs, affordability, and awareness.
We are eager to leverage our expertise to craft a winning BEAD or other broadband funding application. We’re dedicated to partnering with you to build a more digitally equitable future for your community.

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