High-Level Network Design

Mission Broadband collaborates with MOUNTAIN LTD., a proven entity with extensive experience in network design and construction. This partnership combines Mission Broadband’s expertise with MOUNTAIN LTD.’s engineering know-how and construction competence, ensuring the delivery of robust and reliable optical networks.
MOUNTAIN LTD.’s high-level design process would begin with a complete review of the served, underserved, and unserved areas along with and comparative analysis of the existing technology available in the area.  From this analysis, they would identify high level capacity needs broken into prospective service areas that share common engineering limitations. 
The high-level design process would then move into the planning phase which involves crucial decisions, such as: 
  • Analyzing the network’s topology and selecting the most suitable network structure (e.g., star, mesh, bus) based on specific requirements. 
  • Identify specific design limitation factor such as optical loss, line of site impacts, and service level density.
  • Determining the cable infrastructure by identifying optimal cable paths and termination points for the most efficient network deployment.  
  • Choosing the most appropriate hardware components (e.g., switches, routers) to best meet network requirements.  Taking into consideration any existing technology currently in use. 
  • Designing mechanisms to ensure continued network operation in case of component failure, providing fiber redundancy, and providing alternatives to minimize potential service impacts due to typical uncontrollable factors. 
  • Evaluate performance and capacity requirements to plan for sufficient bandwidth and capability to handle present and future data traffic demands. 
  • Provide proposal plans for scalable network deployment that seeks to address factors most critical to the community while reducing risk and maintaining as much efficiency as possible.
Mission Broadband oversees the work product and timeline delivered by vendors, ensuring they adhere to project specifications. Additionally, we bridge the gap between the technical team and the client by translating complex designs into understandable information.  
Benefits of our approach:
  • Viable Options: Mission Broadband combines its deep experience in deploying and managing broadband networks and equipment with MOUTAIN LTD.’s design expertise to develop viable solution options for clients.
  • Design Accuracy: MOUNTAIN LTD manages a high volume of broadband construction projects.
  • Reliable Network Operation: Established installation and maintenance procedures guarantee reliable network function and optimize service delivery.

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