Community Outreach

Efforts in any community wanting to achieve successful broadband equity is dependent on a well thought out and executed community outreach plan. Broadband equity is defined as fair and equal access to high-speed internet services for all individuals within a community, regardless of their geographical location, socioeconomic status, or demographic characteristics. It is critical that the community (residential and commercial) understands and participates in reaching their broadband equity goals. A vast majority of internet users understand their individual needs when it comes to being connected but are not familiar with the many different aspects of the technology, how it is delivered, what the shortfalls are to each, what role their government (federal, state and local) have in advancing the technology and finally, what result this has on their community as a whole.
At Mission Broadband we have assisted our clients, who are often voluntary broadband committees or a broadband task force, with these outreach efforts by structuring plans that result in the highest level of education and participation concerning a community’s knowledge of their broadband landscape. Our outreach initiatives provide the needed data and analysis so any community formed broadband task force can make informed recommendations and carry those recommendations to the ultimate decision makers within the community.
Mission Broadband has successfully provided the following community outreach services to their clients:
  • Broadband surveys – these surveys are web based and designed to collect and analyze data regarding an individual’s internet service provider focusing on overall satisfaction, services offered, pricing, quality of customer service and their likelihood to recommend their provider to someone else. These surveys play a vital role in determining the community’s future broadband plans.
  • Broadband Speed tests – working collaboratively with the stakeholders of the community Mission Broadband will manage a community wide
  • Town Hall meetings – We will host an agreed upon number of town hall meetings designed to educate, update, gather input, answer questions and ensure regular communication is provided to the community.
  • Presentations to Town/County/State representatives and stakeholders
Examples of each of these outreach services are available upon request to any interested organization that seeks to achieve the goal of broadband equity for their respective geographical areas.
Benefits of our approach: 
  • Proven track record: We have provided these services successfully to many of our clients and will bring our breadth of experience to you. 
  • Results driven: Mission Broadband strives to provide the highest degree of accurate outreach data and results that help guide our clients to achieve their broadband goals. 
  • Professional approach: Our surveys, town hall meetings and speed test campaigns are executed with the utmost polish and professionalism. We are confident in our experience and bring that confidence to all our outreach campaigns. 
Mission Broadband is your trusted partner for engaging communities in the broadband research and data collection processes. We can assist you in gathering the data and community support you need to achieve your broadband goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific project requirements and explore your funding options.

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