Business and Cost Modeling

Mission Broadband is experienced in guiding clients through Business and Cost Modeling exercises. Our proficiency in analyzing federal and state grants, as well as developing business and financial models based on take-rate and other variable cost factors, is the result of delivering these services individually or in combination for various clients. For instance, we have assisted clients in responding to RFPs led by Mission Broadband for the benefit of their community or municipal customers, particularly in the establishment, operation, and ownership of broadband networks. 
Through these collaborations, we have crafted comprehensive business models encompassing financial projections, operational expenses, capital expenses, and return on investment evaluations. These models were formulated based on the cost and service package submissions of the participating ISPs. Business modeling includes but is not limited to the following tasks:
  • Financial modeling based on varied take rates, outlined revenue streams, cost structures, market projections, and risk assessments displaying potential profitability and Net Present Value of projects.
  • Defining business objectives.
  • Analyzing current or required processes, designing new processes.
  • Creating a business model framework and testing and validating the model.
Benefits of our approach:
Collaboration: We work closely with clients and partners, including ISP’s, to develop practical and realistic models. Integrity and honesty are the basis of all of our collaborations.
Objectivity: We create business and financial models in conjunction with our clients and partners in a completely transparent manner. We ensure all input data and costs are as accurate as possible.
Experienced Team: Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with expertise in the financial aspects of network and service deployment and ongoing operation. We combine this experience with insight into current industry tends to create realistic business and cost models.
Mission Broadband is your trusted partner for business and financial modeling services. We can assist you in securing the funding you need to achieve your broadband goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific project requirements and explore your funding options.

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