Location Verification

When conducting an analysis of broadband serviceable locations, Mission Broadband has experience and expertise with the FCC and NTIA licensed Fabric Database. This database is currently the most widely accepted record of all locations that could be served with broadband access. As part of our engagement, we work with clients to coordinate adding Mission Broadband to your existing state or county license. This license then allows us to compile a comprehensive record of all of the current service provider technologies and available speeds as reported in the latest BDC (Broadband Data Collection) filing. Mission Broadband then uses that data to create detailed, multilayer town maps illustrating the status of each location.
  • Cable
  • Copper
  • Fiber to the premises
  • Licensed and unlicensed fixed wireless
We then evaluate the broadband offerings for each location to determine whether they are served, underserved or unserved.
The following are FCC guidelines but we will work with our clients definition or specifications if they differ from the FCC:
  • Served: greater than or equal to 100Mbps x 20Mbps
  • Underserved: greater than 25Mbps x3Mbps and lower than 100Mbps x 20Mbps
  • Unserved: Less than 25Mbps x3Mbps
We then provide detailed multilayer county and town level maps to illustrate broadband status. A street level summary report of under and unserved locations can also be provided as part of a Broadband Gap Analysis. (See Broadband Gap Analysis service for more information)

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